Letter from the Editor

The holiday season is upon us, and the spirit of giving and serving is in full swing. This time of year can carry so many wonderful memories and is often a time to celebrate long-time family traditions and make new ones. For some, however, this time of year can be hard to get through for a variety of reasons. There…

Botanical Brewfest

The fourth annual Botanical Brewfest was held October 14 at the beautiful Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. It was a 
fun-filled evening with more than 100 craft beers, delicious food, games, bands and good times. The Botanical Brewfest is a fundraiser 
to support the Train Garden at the arboretum.

Help From the Heartland

Melissa Schroeder, a full-time attorney and mother of three in Shawnee, is used to a high-energy lifestyle, but of late she has been up to her ears in piles of diapers—diapers for a good cause.

From the Horse’s Mouth

There are hospital wings across America dedicated to it. We see it covered by local news each night. It’s the ultimate gut-wrenching scene in the latest theater release. Trauma drives the plot. It gets us to pay attention and then look away just as quickly. As dramatic as trauma is made out to be, it is more common than we…

Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

Photography Janie Jones

Five Tips for Creating Great Family Portraits

It’s that time of year again ... 
the dreaded family photos sessions. And while family photo shoots are kind of the norm in this family, they haven’t gotten easier. However, I have learned many tricks and tips for keeping the kiddos and the husband happy—and on point–to capture that “moneymaker shot” that makes the holiday card each year. Follow these…

Sunflower Bank Gives Back

Sunflower Bank is a proud sponsor of Big Brothers Big Sisters and Youthrive, both local charitable organizations with a focus on giving back

The Snow Globes

Take the Christmas songs you know and love. Mix in lilting vocals and folksy instrumental stylings of the banjo, ukulele, glockenspiel and harmonium. Make giving the goal. And each holiday season, you have the Kansas City-based trio, The Snow Globes.

Holiday Wreath

Create a simple holiday wreath for 
the hearth of your home or to welcome your friends and family.