Home grown goodness.

When we hear the words “home grown,” some of us think of bountiful gardens and neighbors with green thumbs who share sacks full of zucchini or tomatoes every summer. Others might think about the farm-to-table movement that has swept the nation over the past few years as chefs work to locally source as much of the food on their menus…

August 2015 Around Town

Taste of Leawood is an annual celebration showcasing top Leawood Chamber restaurants in a fun, food festival setting. Guests can taste items from 30 of the area’s best restaurants while enjoying an autumn evening under the stars at the event’s new Town Center Plaza venue. Feast on top menu items, and an array of wine varietals, complimented by music and…

David McCullough Presents “The Wright Brothers”

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer David McCullough discussed his new book on the lives, trials and ultimate triumph of aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright at a special engagement at the Kansas City Public Library.

Heartstrings in Bloom

“Kansas City Sports Legends & Inspirations” themed fundraiser featured sporting legends in the fashion show to raise $121,000 for Heartstrings Community Foundation, an organization that provides interactive employment in the community for adults with developmental disabilities.

Meet Reece and Ebony

Say hello to Reece and Ebony, two of Great Plains SPCA's long-termers who have been waiting for their perfect match. Whether you’re a cat connoisseur or a doggie devotee, these two pets are natural charmers, ready to woo you with woofs, purrs and all the hospitality you could ever need. These darlings are ready to steal some hearts after their…

Spectacular Stand-Alone Tubs

When it comes to spectacular updates in this 2002 Leawood residence, the master bathroom truly stands alone, in more ways than one.

Community Foundation Makes It Easy to “Grow Your Giving”

When Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey give money to worthy causes, it’s usually millions, or even billions, of dollars. But most charitable giving comes from everyday people in much smaller amounts. And that is at the heart of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.

Breaking News for the Dubill Family

Christa Dubill is a face you likely recognize: As one of the evening anchors at 41 Action News, she’s entered your home nightly for five years to fill you in on the latest local and national news. So it was something of a treat to flip this scenario and be invited inside the Dubill home to learn more about this…

Vreeland Looks Towards 2016 Olympics

Blue Valley West and University of Georgia graduate Shannon Vreeland is looking at another bid for Olympic gold in swimming.

2015 Infiniti QX80

The Infiniti QX80 is a vehicle of contradictions and it always leaves me with mixed feelings. I’ve never been a fan of the exterior styling, yet the interior beckons with soft leather and wood trim. The V-8 engine guzzles fuel but it is extremely smooth and strong enough to tow 8,500 pounds. In summary, this full-size SUV shines from the…

Gold Congressional Award Winners

Choosing to pursue and obtain the Congressional Award at the gold level while taking full-load of college-prep classes is not to be taken lightly. In the past two years, 13 Barstow School students whose plates were already brimming with difficult classes and extra-curricular activities made the commitment to spend several months fulfilling the requirements to reach the highest level of…

Local Pride, Local Drive

“That’s unacceptable. Let’s fix it.” Richard Shipley and Dan Lynch, co-founders of LocalStart.org, said those words in the fall of 2011 after an internet search for “made in Kansas City” produced one result.

Meet One of the OP’s Model Citizens

It’s been said that it only takes one song to bring back a thousand memories. If that is true, then one can probably expect to be flooded with memories when they see what’s been taking shape in the basement of long-time Overland Park resident, Brad Moore.

Government Jam

I’m an avid gardener. Avid, meaning ‘enthusiastic,’ not ‘successful.’ I shouldn’t say that. I’m great with herbs and this year, my squash and tomatoes are all blooming nicely. The wait for fresh produce became a bit too tiring and I stumbled upon something to make the time pass more quickly.