Maximum respect

Even though it may not be cool to admit this, I do confess I was a girlie-girl growing up. Loved all things pretty and pink. Could not catch a ball to save my life. Wore dresses exclusively until 3rd grade. I liked boys but I did not understand them.

Come On and Join the Scrum

They've heard it all. The jokes about how the only way to catch a rugby game is by watching a late-night match on a down-the-dial cable channel. Then there's the one that says the best way to give blood is to find a local rugby club and join the scrum. Or, the head shaking of naysayers who look at the…

Mike Brady: The King of Groovy Dads

Several years ago, our daughters became hooked on episodes of The Brady Bunch.  

Lori Fairchild Shares Everyday Truths

JCL: Tell us a little bit about yourself. LF: I’m a wife and mother of two daughters, ages 11 and 13. I work as a freelance writer and editor from home because I love the flexibility it gives me. I spend a lot of my time at the hockey rink and soccer field watching my girls play and practice. In…


 Surreal. The best and worst experience ever. Stressful. Indescribable.  All words that four recent Olathe high school graduates—three from Olathe Northwest, one from Olathe East--use to describe being drafted to a Major League Baseball team. Matt Blackham is now part of the New York Mets franchise, Austin Fisher is with the Cleveland Indians, Jon Perrin was picked by the Detroit…

Cars Have Been a Lifelong Passion for Frank Thompson

Frank Thompson remembers seeing a Chrysler Airflow when he was about 10 years old. He was so taken with the design that he got out his big yellow pad and began sketching the car. Seventy-three years later, a gorgeous yellow 1934 Chrysler Airflow is one of the highlights of his collection of more than 25 vintage cars.

Meet Patrick Fazio and Family

When you first meet Patrick Fazio, if you sense a genuine, upbeat and engaging individual, then please do not waver from that initial conclusion.

From Seinfeld to New Theater, Overland Park Actor has Seen it All

 (IN SOME KIND OF MOVIE SCRIPT FONT)  Dr. Gold: “She’s expired.”  George Costanza: “Are you sure?”

The Equestrian Lifestyle of Saddle & Sirloin Club

You can almost get to Kentucky if you drive south on Holmes Road far enough. Not literally, but it sure feels like classic Kentucky horse country when you are south of 139th Street and black four-board fencing suddenly outlines a distinctive property. The first hint of something special is the double S sign visible from the gently winding road. If…

The Kansas City Automotive Museum

Tucked away at the corner of Strang Line Road and 116th Street, the Kansas City Automotive Museum now fills the unassuming space of a former business office. And fill it they do! The museum has worked to pack every inch it can spare with cars spanning from the turn of the century to the newest and fastest performance cars.

After 42 Years on the baselines, this Coach is Still Going Strong

Bill McDonald started his 42nd year as a head baseball coach in late March when his Blue Valley West Jaguars entertained BV Southwest.

Welcome to Canyon Farms Golf Club

 Canyon Farms Golf Club has good bones.  Ownership and management have changed, but the foundation upon which the club was built is just as spectacular now as it was when it opened. Boasting dramatic views of sprawling acreage and breathtaking countryside, Canyon Farms is just as perfect a spot for a once-in-a-lifetime event as it is for daily rounds of…

Go Bold with Gold!

When contemplating a new look for your home, don’t hesitate in taking that proverbial leap of faith. If an interior designer encourages you to incorporate the element of gold into your existing décor, don’t think twice. Just do it!

Tips for Social Media Training Your Child

Today’s kids practically cut their teeth on electronic devices. Naturally, that doesn’t mean they always know how to conduct themselves responsibly online. From the time they start interacting with technology, begin social media training your child. Not only will you inspire them to build a positive digital footprint, you’ll help keep them safe. Here is how.

Park University’s Ballyhoo

Park University recently hosted Ballyhoo, an annual premier fundraising event that supports University programs and scholarships, at Leawood's AMC headquarters. The event benefitted Park’s School of Business and the University’s Presidential Honors Scholarship.

Kappa Alpha Theta Flights & Kites for Kids

The KC KAT Foundation recently held their annual fundraiser benefitting CASA of Johnson & Wyandotte Counties and Jackson County CASA. Guests enjoyed food and wine pairings and danced to the music of Hazy Fate. Photography by Kate Sweeten

The Barstow School Shakespeare Festival

The annual tribute to the Bard includes a school-wide festival that begins with a month's study of Shakespeare's sonnets, plays and Elizabethan England, and culminates with performances, dance, song, archery, swordfighting and Elizabethan games.

Opera Singer Headlines Children International Event

Laurie and Don Montague hosted a celebration featuring James Valenti, an internationally acclaimed opera singer and ambassador for the locally-based organization, whose mission is to bring lasting change to children living in poverty. Photography David Riffel

Porsche’s 918 Spyder is Automotive Haute Couture

To Porsche enthusiasts, seeing a 918 Spyder is like catching a glimpse of the Holy Grail or the Hope Diamond because only 918 of them will be built, worldwide.

June 2015 Around Town

An $11.7 million renovation of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art will showcase the internationally celebrated Marion and Henry Bloch Collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Art, which will go on permanent view in Spring 2017.

June 2015 Our Contributors

With roots firmly planted in Kansas City, my career as “Mr. Stinky Feet” has allowed me to perform thousands of shows throughout North America and Europe, and twice on The White House lawn. Long ago I worked as a journalist and corporate public relations professional before taking the leap into a “real” job helping children laugh. I also entertain grown-up…

Go Red for Women Expo

The American Heart Association’s "Half Day for Your Heart" event at Overland Park Convention Center inspired women's heart health. In the past year, The Go Red For Women movement has raised $800,000 in Kansas City for women’s heart and stroke research.