Gifts that Give Back

In the season of giving, why not take the extra step to find a gift that will benefit more than just the recipient?  So many products and companies here in the Kansas City area have the mission to pay it forward with gifts that give back. Your gift will not only give happiness and joy to your loved one, it…

Move Right KC

Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have been writing this. I was happy being paid a very nice salary to travel around and personally train one person. But then, that all changed. It’s a long story that I’m happy to go into detail about in person, but it starts with a car accident and me realizing I didn’t know as much…

Meet the Maker: Raelyn Koop

Promoting wise stewardship of facial hair, Bramble & Buck is Kansas City’s favorite organic men’s shave cream. In 2015, resident Raelyn Koop partnered with Local Pig, a charcuterie that specializes in regionally-sourced meats, to create a shaving cream using the organic beef fat from their products. After many late nights, the recipe was perfected and off to the races they’ve…

Blue Valley 
Headed to 

Gracie Goheen is a recent graduate of Blue Valley High School, and is headed to Stanford University in the fall where she plans to study Physics and Theatre. Highlights of her high school career include achievements in the classroom, on stage, and on the golf course.

The Family that Juggles Together

When you think about a professional football player, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t juggling. But that is the unique hobby former Kansas City Chief Kendall Gammon picked up as a child, and has passed along to his sons Blaise and Drake.

School is Like family to BVNW’s Jackson

Darien Jackson played his freshman year at Blue Valley Northwest making it to the junior varsity team. Just prior to his sophomore year, he learned that the Kansas State High School Activities Association had ruled under the transfer rule that he had to play on the sub-varsity level during the 2014-15 season. He could have gone to another school, but…

Wornall and Majors House Museums Host Kansas City’s Premier Garden Tour

The Tom Corbin Sculpture Garden is located behind Corbin’s studio: an historic firehouse located in Rosedale, Kansas. The garden is as meticulously sculpted as Corbin’s statues that also grace the garden. Corbin, whose bronze sculptures can be found in public installations at the United Nations, the Kauffman Foundation, the Firefighter’s Memorial, and more, will also open his studio to visitors.

Ok Stella, Let’s Read a Story…

Before bed, 7-year-old Stella hears these words and is given a peek into a story no one else in the world has yet read, but one that has a good chance of being a favorite for children everywhere and an award winner in the eyes of adults. Stella’s dad, Overland Park artist Daniel Miyares, shares his ideas, characters and rough…

A New Spin on an Old Game

Disc golf, a 40-year-old game, is spiraling high in popularity in Johnson County. This sport is played by all ages, in backyards or on courses, in all sorts of weather. “We have people throwing discs in sun, snow, sleet, rain, you name it,” says Bill Maasen, superintendent of parks and golf courses for the Johnson County Park and Recreation District.