“Refillable, Love Mom”

Respect the fact that back in the ‘70s when good coffee liqueurs were still a gleam in the eye of bean mixologists, Judy Nelson was brewing her small batches on her stovetop and bottling it for loved ones with handmade labels marked, “Refillable, Love Mom.”

Resilient Splendor

It is interesting. When I reflect on my life, I would have never seen myself as this person.

Meet the Maker: Anna Vogel of GoldyBelle

 Article Angela Broockerd | Photography Christina Hilliard  One of Anna’s earliest memories is embroidering a heart with her mom and then moving on to attempting to make doll clothes. Sewing has always been a part of her life. With fabric, she always felt like there were endless possibilities.  “I’ll always be grateful to my mother and grandmother for giving me…

Meet the Artist: Joe Hatzfeld

 Photography Janie Jones  Joe Hatzfeld, a ceramic artist in Johnson County, began his journey as an artist during his junior year of high school initially to simply fulfill a graduation requirement. As an avid football player, he had been labeled a “jock” his entire life and never considered himself to be a creative person.   “I never thought of myself as…


There is a new, innovative way for your company or group to bond and learn to problem-solve with one another. It involves going on a scavenger hunt together to explore, discover and enjoy a city. “Strayboots is a leading provider of mobile scavenger hunts and team-building activities that bring happiness and collaboration to groups and organizations,” Ido Rabiner, founder, CEO…


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Owl + Mouse

Owl + Mouse Textile Designs creates handcrafted accessories for men, women, babies and the home. Owners Alice Youngblood and Cristin Llewellyn are the local artists behind the company making the eco-friendly organic fabrics located in the historic West Bottoms.

Meet the Makers: Brendan & Amanda O’Shaughnessy

Ocean & Sea was established in 2013 by creative duo Brendan & Amanda O’Shaughnessy with a simple yet daunting task, to dream again. They sail around the city and across the country selling crafted goods on a landlocked Sailboat in the shape of their iconic logo which acts as their mobile pop up shop. The Sailboat was built by their…

More than Baseball

Baseball is often referred to as a game of failure. Because of this, it is important for players to develop perseverance and a positive mind set. They depend on teammates for encouragement and support. Statements like ”You’ve got this” or “Let’s pick him up” can be heard coming from dugouts at every level of the sport. The degree of adversity…

Katy Guillen and the Girls

Music often changes its sound from decade-to-decade, but when Rock and Roll came onto the scene in the 1950’s, it would make its way into our hearts forever. Rock and Roll wasn’t just a genre of music. It was an outlet with lyrics more suggestive and politically charged than other genres, and people couldn’t get enough of it. It became…