Elevate Kindness Challenge

 Photography Paul Versluis and Janie Jones  The Lifestyle Publications Elevate Kindness Challenge, our yearlong initiative that encouraged local middle school students to brainstorm ways to cultivate kindness in their buildings, finished its final round at the close of the school year. Our last round was a challenge for the teachers and administrators in each building to come up with an…

Help From the Heartland

Melissa Schroeder, a full-time attorney and mother of three in Shawnee, is used to a high-energy lifestyle, but of late she has been up to her ears in piles of diapers—diapers for a good cause.


It all happened in almost an instant. Blue Valley head football and track coach, Eric Driskell, was attending a meeting of the Greater Kansas City Football Coaches Association on Feb. 12, when he suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. He was rushed to a hospital and transferred to Research Medical Center where doctors said he had irreversible neurological damage.

A Monumental Feat

When asked why they would climb a tall mountain, some folks may simply respond, “Because it’s there.” However, a handful of dedicated athletes who conquered Colorado’s Leadville Trail Marathon this past June had a more purposeful response: To educate the public on military suicide. To that end, they certainly had a mountain to conquer, but all they had to do…

Running Toward a Challenge

When faced with unimaginable challenges in life, the instinct for some is to run away from them. Those who prefer to defy their fear may run directly into the challenge. And then there are those who go above and beyond and run for the challenge.

Vreeland Looks Towards 2016 Olympics

Blue Valley West and University of Georgia graduate Shannon Vreeland is looking at another bid for Olympic gold in swimming.