Area Company is Changing the Landscape of Lawns

Angela Grego, owner of Summit Flooring and Turf, knows what it’s like to take a gamble. During the height of the recession, she left an established career and headed for ‘greener’ pasture; literally. “My husband Kirk saw a need in the Midwest for synthetic grass, and once I met the family behind the brand of SYNLawn, it became an easy…

Spectacular Stand-Alone Tubs

When it comes to spectacular updates in this 2002 Leawood residence, the master bathroom truly stands alone, in more ways than one.

Go Bold with Gold!

When contemplating a new look for your home, don’t hesitate in taking that proverbial leap of faith. If an interior designer encourages you to incorporate the element of gold into your existing décor, don’t think twice. Just do it!


Your garage is calling….and it is tired of its appearance and how it has been neglected over the years. As a space that represents up to 20 percent of your home’s total size, the garage is often overlooked as a home improvement candidate.  Yet, the garage is used and visited or used by homeowners nearly every day and often serves as the…