The Battle Within

Local U.S. Army veteran Justin Hoover enjoyed playing soccer and running cross country while growing up in Olathe, Kansas. After graduating from Olathe South High School in 2002 he began studying marketing at Kansas State University.

Garage space has climbed the ladder of importance when buying or upgrading your home.

A popular trend is converting the garage into an added living space, showcasing personality and passions. Banner Garage began in 2011 when owner, Ed Jenkins, decided to upgrade his own house and make the garage more like part of his home.

100 + Women Who Care

There is no shortage of organizations in the Kansas City Metro area doing great work in the community. However, one group, known as 100+Women Who Care Southland KC, stands out with its unique approach to giving back.

Drum Safari

In 2009, a team of archeologists discovered a 35,000-year-old treasure while digging in the southwest region of present-day Germany. While its age alone was enough to make it a significant anthropological find, age was not the only remarkable aspect about it. In a time when survival was the primary concern, it was surprising to find our ancestors took time to…

Artisan Kombucha

Artisan Kombucha is Kansas City’s craft kombucha brewing company with a passion for healthy holistic living. Using organic and local ingredients for the highest quality kombucha, it is proudly brewed in small batches using organic loose-leaf teas, herbs, spices and real fruits and vegetables without any juices, concentrates or chemical additives. The result is a satisfying raw unfiltered beverage full…

Providing for Pets

 Article Natalie Fieleke  Ways to help nurture kids’ hearts for animals in need  It seemed like a simple enough plan: Go to the pet store. Purchase fish tank water neutralizer. Go home. But our five-minute visit soon turned into a longer, more emotional trip as my son began naming mice to bring home, and my daughter fell in love with…

Crossing Borders to Mend Lives

 Article Jenny Wolffe | Photography Provided    A committed group of Kansas Citians is making a world of difference for people half a world away. They are part of Medical Aid for Children of Latin America (MACLA), a nonprofit organization. Some of the members who make up MACLA are also on the talented team of professionals at Quinn Plastic Surgery Center…

A Mother’s Love: Fighting for Rocco

 Article Adriane Taylor | Photography Janie Jones  "To me, as a mother, you have to do everything in your power for your children. Every child should feel like their mother will do whatever they can for them. I feel as a mother I have a major obligation to the children I brought into this world." —Jennifer Lewis, mother  

Scraps KC: 
repurposing the community

Kansas City is a community with an essence of giving, a populace that acts when presented with a need, and a sodality that embodies lifting others up when they are down. Pair this with people willing to take a progressive approach in developing creative ways that honor the environment through the reuse of everyday materials, the repurposing of supplies, and…

Rex Hudler

It is not easy to exude excitement, energy and passion simply through spoken word, and it is even more challenging to make a successful career doing so, but for Rex Hudler, this linguistic gift is second nature. For six years, Hudler has been one of the most spirited color commentators for the Kansas City Royals, and it is this same…

Sunflower Bank Gives Back

Sunflower Bank is a proud sponsor of Big Brothers Big Sisters and Youthrive, both local charitable organizations with a focus on giving back

Golfing for a Cause

If you love golf then you have probably heard about the Digital Ally Open in Overland Park that attracts thousands of golf fans and enthusiastic spectators each year, but you might not know that giving back is the focus of the golf tournament held each year in July at the Nicklaus Golf Club at Lionsgate in Overland Park.

A Trip to Ecuador with Children International Changes Two Lives

Matt Staub, founder of marketing agency Proxima, snapped hundreds of photographs and recorded video once he and members of Children International set foot in Ecuador. Staub and the Children International (CI) team made their way to the nonprofit’s community center in Guayquil, Quito, as part of a nine-day trip. Located high in the foothills of the Andean mountains, the center…

Shawnee Mission East Students Give Back

Bev Timmons was the school nurse at Shawnee Mission East High School in the mid-1980s when a student walked through her door concerned about the babies of the crack epidemic.

Making a difference

Harry S. Campbell, CEO of Durrie Vision and author of Get-Real Leadership, just finished his second book called Get-Real Culture: A Practical Approach to Creating a Wildly Successful Workplace, and it goes on sale this week. Get-Real Culture focuses on the culture, or in other words, the character and personality of the workplace, and he claims “no company can be…

Savers: Finding New Homes for Quality Castoffs

That might sound like a bold statement; unrealistic, even, given the odds. But Savers has the stats to back it up: every day, each store sorts through approximately two tons of donated products and puts between five and six thousand new items on store shelves. Every year, it recycles 650 million tons of products and is the largest recycler of…

Cool Shades, Kind Hearts

Fairway Eye Center has four Kansas City locations: Fairway, Leawood, Liberty and Raytown. At each location the doctors and staff provide comprehensive vision care and offer eyewear, contact lenses, and laboratory services with a focus on eye health, disease management, and family optometric care. But the doctors and staff have their sights set on making a difference globally as well…

Treating The Whole Person, One Individual at a Time

For Jim Leach, it was a battle with bipolar disease. For Aaron Price, it was a devastating car crash that led to being paralyzed. Each man had a very different challenge that lay before him, but each was able to turn to the same place for help: The Whole Person. This incredible local nonprofit aids people with disabilities so they…

Lazarus Ministries Revitalizes a Downtown Church and the Downtrodden

In 1996, the congregation at Grand Avenue Temple United Methodist, at 205 E. 9th Street in Kansas City, Mo., had shrunk to some three families—a far cry from the hundreds it counted among its ranks in the glory days. The church had been active since 1865, but its community had altered greatly in the ensuing years, from a prosperous, busy…

Community Foundation Makes It Easy to “Grow Your Giving”

When Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey give money to worthy causes, it’s usually millions, or even billions, of dollars. But most charitable giving comes from everyday people in much smaller amounts. And that is at the heart of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.

Love Lives Here

PULL-OUT QUOTE: There are many moving parts to our organization. I can start talking about socks and foster care and before you know it, we’re talking about organ donation and the dangers of negligent firearms discharge. I’m reminded that just one thing can make a difference. Sometimes Michele Shanahan DeMoss tells herself that her daughter, Blair, is away at school.…

Planting Trees and Forging Bonds with The Giving Grove

Article Lisa Allen | Photography Provided I thought of countless ways to start this article. The old ‘teach a man to fish’ saying seemed plausible if I swapped ‘plant a tree’ for fishing. So did the tired ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ adage. Problem is, those words are trite. They don’t do … Continued

Everything Is Top Notch at Top Drawer

  The Resale Store That Gives Back Article Lisa Allen | Photography Alexis Cook Top Drawer resale shop has been tucked into the same location on Mission Road for the past 14 years, but Manager Lori Feagins says the store is still an undiscovered treasure to most people in the area. “We don’t advertise,” says … Continued