Cool Guy Foods

Handmade caramelized energy. These are the words used to describe the harmonious flavors Cool Guy Foods infuse to create the most unimaginable and distinctively gourmet food, reminiscent of the smorgasbord equivalent of Billy Joel and Elton John. What makes these culinary mechanics stand out is that they truly understand what it means to provide a hands-free, comprehensive complement to an…

Best of Johnson County

 3 Women and an Oven
14852 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park
913.681.7672 |  A boutique bakery with beautiful and delicious desserts, all made from scratch with love! From cakes, cookies and bars to jaw-dropping custom cake creations, 3 Women and an Oven loves being there for weddings, birthdays and all the special occasions in between. With two weeks' notice, your imagination's the limit, and…

Cella Jane

Leawood resident Becky Hillyard is Lifestyle Publications' newest monthly fashion contributor and the woman behind Cella Jane, a lifestyle and fashion blog which showcases her personal style on a daily basis. Thousands of followers both local and global go to Hillyard for fashion, beauty, motherhood and fitness advice; she offers inspiration to the everyday woman on the latest trends.

Men’s Fashion

ULAH located at 4707 Rainbow Blvd., Westwood

Inspirational Women of Johnson County

You may know her as your sister, your mom, your friend. She is the woman who thinks of others first and strives to make a difference in the world around them, a woman who knows her true purpose with such confidence that she will influence generations to come by the example set forth. There are many inspirational women in our…


Combine all ingredients except oil and blend for 10 seconds. Slowly drizzle oil into the running blender to emulsify. Season to taste with salt and pepper A couple of years ago, I found myself in an argument with my father about the local and “organic” meat I had purchased. In his defense, he uttered “but all food is organic!” Unfortunately,…