Holiday Wreath

Create a simple holiday wreath for 
the hearth of your home or to welcome your friends and family.

Introducing Ashley Rodden

Ashley Maurin Rodden’s roots are right here in Kansas City, but her wings have taken her east to New York and Paris, chasing her fashion and beauty dreams. She founded LOVER® Cosmetics LLC in Kansas City in 2005 and moved to Paris a few years later to study makeup artistry at the Christian Chauveau school of makeup artistry. Returning to…


Full of beautiful colors and bright blooms, spring is a flower lover's dream come true. 

Angi Hockett

You can display your new wreath several different ways. Leaning it on the fireplace mantel amongst a bit of greenery would be festive. It can be hung on a wall by using a long screw preferably into a stud, then simply hooking a pipe section on the screw. If you are wanting to hang your wreath on the front door…