Porch 2 ways

Erica Krzykowski and design assistant, Angela Wedekind are the masterminds and the creative forces behind Prairie Home Designs. With their attention to detail, eye for innovative design and limitless creativity, this duo packs a powerful punch to transform any space. Principal designer Krzykowski makes it her personal mission to make each client’s space feel beautiful and reflect their unique and personal style.

RAW Beginnings

When Zech Johnson was a child living in Shawnee, KS, he felt happiest when he was climbing trees. He embraced them limb and trunk, looking skyward as he let his mind roam free. Then he grew up, became practical, went to college and chose a respectable profession.

David Couch

David Couch is the local artist behind Snowball 7449 Studios creating photorealistic paintings of famous athletes, animals and entertainers found in Kansas City and beyond. His earliest memories and love of art go all the way back to age 5.

Tamara Day

Tamara Day is the host of DIY Network’s “Bargain Mansions.” As a Kansas City native, Tamara specializes in restoring large, neglected homes with small price tags that even experienced renovators shy away from. Tamara sees these old mansions as beautiful homes that just need a little extra love. Buying them for a fraction of what they’re worth, Tamara and her…

D.E. Uhlig

D.E.Uhlig is an award-winning illustrator whose work has appeared in numerous publications including the Kansas City Star, Christian Science Monitor, University Daily Kansan, Editorial Humor Magazine and World Policy Journal. Commercial illustration and design clients over the years have included Samsung, Sprint and the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, among others—and his Starbucks red cup illustrations have been featured on the…

Costumes by Sarah Lodge

Many of my favorite childhood memories revolve around Halloween. Not so much the candy (I was a saver, not a binger) but the costumes. If we ever had a store bought costume, it was not one I remember. Growing up, my parents encouraged creativity in all things, and Halloween was no exception. There were wigs, face paint, paper mache heads…

Introducing Chris Duh

Local national artist, Chris Duh’s striking and whimsical “Amusing Breeze” sculpture, has been installed in So Ko Par Trails Park on 87th Street and Lackman in Lenexa. The 25-foot-high steel and glass mosaic tile sculpture includes components that move in the breezes.

Seth Smith

After graduating from KU, I was spit out into the world with no real sense of direction or clear path to making this life “work”. They don’t teach you that. They just don’t. I think that might be one of the reasons I was able to land on my feet a bit. I sought out mentors and stubbornly pursued what…

Ten Talents Art

Trish Reed doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing her enthusiasm for painting, and when you admire her work, you can’t help but wonder if perhaps she was a child prodigy in this regard. However, as she reveals her story, her professional background in education and technology was on the opposite end of the spectrum, and transitioning into the…

The Art of Noelle Stoffel

Everyday objects and nature looked at through new light, move me to produce something new. Inspiration can hit me at any moment. I can be walking down the street and see a puddle of water with the way the light bounces off it, and suddenly and I want grab a canvas and create my interpretation of what I see. I…