Snowball Studios

David Couch is the local artist behind Snowball 7449 Studios creating photorealistic paintings of famous athletes, animals and entertainers found in Kansas City and beyond. His earliest memories and love of art go all the way back to age 5.

“My father introduced me to drawing at the age of 5, which led to simply looking at objects and attempting to recreate what I was seeing with a pencil and paper,” Couch says. “From that point forward, I began to challenge myself, taking on more complicated subject matters and never really looked back. Creating art became something of an obsession for me, partially because I began to realize early on that not everyone was able to do what I was capable of, and it became very therapeutic for me as well.”

Couch always lets his artwork do the talking.

“My style is photorealistic, and I gravitate toward subject matter that is relatable. My intentions are always to tell a story visually without having to provide any additional explanation. I am inspired by the idea that my work might make somebody smile, make people happy or, at the very least, feel an emotional pull of some kind.”

His most popular works of art involve his favorite subjects of sports and entertainment.

“They include Eric Hosmer’s reckless pursuit of home plate during game five of the 2015 World Series, George Brett showing the kind of focus and determination that made him a first ballot Hall of Famer, Indiana Jones with his iconic whip in one hand and a machete in the other, and a basset hound named Halo wearing a Royals baseball cap looking out the window of my friend’s truck. I have always loved doing portraiture, often based on sports or entertainment — people who are interesting because of what they represent and animals both in the wild or domesticated.”

Creating artwork for a museum, professional soccer club and a local winery are currently in the works. 

“My focus is to establish my brand, look for opportunities to expand my reach and develop subject matter that people find interesting. I am working on a piece for the Negro League Museum here in Kansas City and hope to have more details soon about some Sporting Kansas City artwork. I’m also in discussions with a local winery to produce some pieces for them.”

Couch is proud to call Kansas home: “Kansas City has always been home to me, but even if I wasn’t born and raised here, I personally think that Kansas Citians are genuinely some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Anytime there is a need in our community, Kansas City comes through in the clutch. I currently live in Olathe with my beautiful wife and three amazing kids. I couldn’t do any of this without their support.”

See Couch’s artwork on Instagram at Snowball_Studios, Twitter @Snowball7449 and his new website at