It’s a new year, and with that it signifies new beginnings and a fresh start.  With how busy life becomes, it is a nice reprieve to be still for a moment and reflect on where we have been, what the past year has taught us, what we want to grow and learn from, and where we want to go from there.  The practice of establishing new goals or a resolution for the coming year is something that can help me focus on what is truly a priority or at least what should be.

This year my goal is to become more others focused and to become very deliberate in finding ways to help people who may be hurting or in need specifically in our schools but also in the community.  I want to create opportunities for people in our community to give to those who fall between the cracks of getting help. My intention this year is to shine light on big issues that affect people in our community like teen suicide, anxiety, depression, poverty and want to assist local small non-profit initiatives that are making a difference.  I want to use the time that I am given on this earth to be a servant and a difference-maker. I want to stop thinking about doing these things and act on them. These are some of my goals for 2019.

I want to encourage you to share with us your stories of overcoming trials or stories of people in our community doing good things for others. There is power in the stories you share with us because they can uplift people going through similar situations and can encourage others to a call for action. This issue is dedicated to health and wellness.  Our hope for you in this New Year is one of wellness, health and love.