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A Beautiful Mission Farms Estates Home Blends City Pleasures with Rural Splendor

Sometimes the elements of living merge together in harmonious design from all angles. Such is the case with the home of Bob Steer and Cindy Johnson. Each space is intricately planned with the goal of comfort, being one with nature and family.

Their home in Mission Farms Estates is a shining example. Situated on approximately two acres, this 11-year-old 7,700-square-foot residence reflects their personalities impeccably.

“We purchased this home a year ago and have done a number of internal renovations and some outside landscaping changes,” Cindy says. “We purchased it for the lakes and ponds on the property, which we can see. Where else can you get farm-like, open space inside the 435 loop in Johnson County?”

The two outdoor spaces on the main level give them the feeling of being outside on a farm or large property, yet still in the city. The larger area is close to their rock stream with views of the waters, while the other is quaint and intimate, featuring a fireplace and similar vistas. They plan to build a pool next summer.

“We like the neighborhood, and there are only 21 estate homes, so we can walk to Mission Farms restaurants for dinner in any season,” she says. “We have deer running through the property and geese year-round.”

Liz Sain of Hampton Court Designs has been partnering with the design of their homes for more than 20 years. This is the fifth she has helped Cindy decorate.

“Cindy is just a pleasure, and I am truly blessed that we have found each other,” Liz says. “I think that in this business if you can find wonderful people like Cindy to help then you’ve been blessed in your career.”

Family is a focal point for this couple. Bob is the CFO of Seaboard Corporation, where he has worked for 30 years, and Cindy is in her 21st year as vice president of client business management at American Century Investments.

“We have three boys, ages 25, 21 and 18. The 21-year-old is a senior in college, the 18-year-old recently graduated from Pembroke High School, and both boys will attend KU in the fall,” she says.

Time will go on, and with it, beauty will surely continue to resonate within their hearts and homes.



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