Enjoying a night out in Kansas City should be filled with merriment, amusement and lively entertainment, and there just happens to be a group of local musicians that are sure to fit this description. With lead vocalist Jennifer Buehler, bassist and vocalist Sam Harvey, guitarist and vocalist Tyler Lyon, and drummer Todd Owen providing the perfect musical backdrop, The Accidental Moguls will have 
everybody donning their dancing shoes and breaking out their signature moves for hours into the night. Their pleasing tunes are a smooth blend of popular pop, hip-hop and R&B flavors, providing a stellar accompaniment to any festivity. Founder Todd Owen provides some insight into this harmonious ensemble.

What is the concept behind your music?

The concept for the band was to create anything that makes you dance from multiple genres and eras. And we do this 100 percent live with real musicians.  The name, The Accidental Moguls, came from a giant list of names, but this sounded the best for the concept of the band.

How did The Accidental Moguls 
come to be?

I started with the concept a few years ago, honestly. I could not find all the right pieces and shelved it until finding the right people. After playing in bands for years and having a rather large pool of players to pull from, I began adding pieces. I had previously worked with a couple of the guys in other projects in the past. I stumbled on our front person after doing a couple of fill-in jobs with another band. She was looking for a different opportunity, and that was the final piece of the puzzle.

What makes your sound unique?

Though there are several bands that do all dance music in town, we are different in the fact that we are 100 percent live. We use no backtracking like similar bands in town. We do not do original music, but we try to stick to familiar tunes that keep people dancing with songs they can sing along to.

What types of 
venues do you 
typically perform?

We play larger clubs, casinos, private events and lake gigs. Being a high-end dance band, we cater to wedding, casino, corporate events and larger dance clubs.

We all come from different musical backgrounds. Though we all enjoy different music, this band zeroes in on music that keeps people dancing.

If an incomparable evening full of rhythmic energy and full-bodied music is the mission, then a session with The Accidental Moguls will fit the bill as they successfully accomplish all they hope by providing the fuel that keeps everyone moving.

To get the good vibes flowing, contact Owen at 620.875.1572 or visit TheAccidentalMoguls.com to stay abreast on their current happenings.