with Becky Hillyard of Cella Jane Blog

Creating and hosting a party is quite an undertaking, but there are many fun and inexpensive ways to make an atmosphere feel magical. From finding local vendors to scouring Pinterest for DIY hacks, the options are limitless. 

This adorable children’s birthday party by Becky Hillyard for her 3-year old daughter, Sutton, started with creating a mood board on Pinterest. It is a great way to organize your thoughts and collect ideas. Her daughter’s two favorite things are balloons and sweets, so that spurred her initial inspiration. 

Hillyard knew she wanted to have a pink balloon garland with pops of silver throughout the party, so she started from there and then everything fell into place.

“The balloon garland really added a fun, whimsical party feel.”

Next, she enlisted the help of local Leawood shop Pink Antlers to help bring her vision to life. 

“I took my vision and Pinterest board to the gals at Pink Antlers, and they did an amazing job at finding just the right pieces and decor to bring my vision for Sutton’s party to life,” Hillyard says. “Not to mention their help they gave me with the balloon garland, which was a great touch to the party.”

Little Flower Shop made all the floral pieces for the party, and they were breathtaking. Hillyard showed them a few things she liked, and they went above and beyond from what she had in mind. 

The bakery team at McLain’s in Leawood were so sweet to work with—no pun intended. Hillyard had worked with them on Sutton’s parties before and knew they would create not only the tastiest sweets but also the prettiest designs. 

This whimsical and sweet party was the perfect way to celebrate with family and friends and made lasting memories for the Hillyard’s.


+ Pink Antlers

+ Sarah Sweeney Photography

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