Easton Koch-Brand Designer 6

Created in the After Hours

The Person

Easton Koch believes in individuality, embraces distinctive style and promotes personal truth. Strongly influenced by artists such as A$AP Rocky, Jimi Hendrix and Anthony Kiedis, Koch pulls fashion inspiration from their ability to represent themselves with 100 percent honesty. Simply because they are not wearing clothes for the masses, but rather dress based on whatever style they have developed, this premise has awakened a desire for 21-year-old Koch to create a clothing line that truly represents comfort, distinction and a sense of rebellion.

The Vision

Growing up, Koch participated in several sports while attending Olathe schools and found a passion within basketball, becoming a standout performer. While on his athletic journey, there was a stirring within that prompted him to explore the world of clothing design, but basketball came first. Following graduation, he entered William Jewell as a student athlete and an entrepreneurial and business administration major. Although he was not enrolled in a school with fashion design courses, Koch was eager to explore this arena, and during his sophomore year, he got the opportunity with Landon Young, creativity and innovation professor. In this elective, he was required to complete an independent study project and he saw this as his time to investigate the ins and outs of clothing. He had a vision and Young helped him figure it all out.

“He believed in me and bought me the I materials needed to make it happen,” Koch says. “I stayed up late at night, watching YouTube videos, teaching myself. I had never sewn up to this point, and some of the first jeans I made were terrible, but I stuck with it, and it has probably been the most important experience I’ve had to date.”

That semester, Koch not only designed 10 garments, he also discovered a predilection for building his own brand.

The Clothing Line

Now entering his senior year of college and in his final year playing a collegiate sport, Koch is poised to launch his line, Easton K. clothing. His brand is centered around a style that can fit into many areas but is unique to Kansas City. It is high-quality menswear with classic silhouettes that celebrate individual panache. He has put such thought into every jacket, pant, hat and T-shirt that it feels as if each were created as a personal canvas just waiting for each buyers’ specific flair. He even has put meticulous thought into custom hangers, tissue paper and thank you cards, and delivers them in a box with each purchaser’s name which fosters a full collective appeal. It is a testament that reflects the many hours Koch has labored and further exemplifies his dedicated work ethic as a student, athlete and young designer.

He believes KC is open to his creative movement but above all wants others to know: “I’m really just a kid from Olathe who likes clothes and music. I don’t do this for a financial purpose, I do it because I love it. I am the biggest fan of this brand and the product that I have made. 
I want to be able to continue doing 
this for as long as I can.”

Online store opens September at EastonK.com. Visit Easton K on Instagram, @eastonkclothing.