Purple Label BARBERSHOP 1

Magic Hands, Majestic Cuts

There is a reason DeJuan Bonds is coined Picasso. Picasso is known for creating masterpieces, works of timeless art that have influenced followers and whose creations have been mimicked many times over. This is much like the artistry Bonds creates in every haircut he precisely crafts, each a personal statement and a reflection of the collaborative effort between client and barber.

Located at 11934 W. 119th St. in Overland Park, Purple Label is a shop unlike any other in Johnson County, providing high-quality services headed by a man who understands consistency, exceptional standards and relationships are what have assisted in building his thriving business.

Bonds’ push to become a barber was sparked at an early age. Growing up, he desired to visit barbershops more than the once a month haircut he was afforded, yet that simply was not enough when it came to him wanting to look his personal best. Because more frequent trips were not in the cards, Bonds had to be creative with the hand he was dealt and started experimenting with clippers, paving the way for him to become a true cutting specialist.

With trial and error as his teacher, he would advance his skills by completing barber school and eventually landed a job in his aunt’s salon, Deb’s Images, in Olathe. Soon, he was ready to expand and opened his own shop, Napps, in west Olathe. For years, the shop was a sought-after spot, often filled with customers willing to wait more than an hour to be seated in his coveted chair—one that, once their cut was complete, seemed magically to transform them into a more dapper version of themselves. On the heels of this success, Bonds was ready to take his business to a new level, and Purple Label was established, which included a location change and distinctive rebranding.

It is no wonder Bonds chose this moniker for his shop as there is a sense of royalty within. He has an exceptional resume that speaks to his talents and is unmatched by other local shops. Displayed prominently on the walls throughout are framed autographed jerseys of athletes including Shawn Barber, Darren Sproles, Travis Kelce, Alex Gordon, Lorenzo Cain and Salvador Perez to name a few, all returning customers who have complete confidence in Bonds and who have also established trusting relationships. On any given day, it is possible a professional athlete may casually walk in for a cut accompanied with casual conversation. It is clearly a testimony of his aptitude, but Bonds also wants people to know everyone is welcome.

“Yes, we service professional athletes, but we have all types of people—businessmen, young men, older men, blue collar, little wiggly ones who may be scared of the process—we service everyone,” Bonds says. “Everyone is welcome, and the haircuts are affordable. The wall is not the basis of the shop.”

And quite an extensive shop it is. Services include basic haircuts, beard and mustache trims, father/son specials, signature hot towel shaves and sports manicures and pedicures. They have recently added a massage room with massage packages.

There is truly a place for everyone at Purple Label which has undoubtedly contributed to its immense success. In speaking on this, Bonds is very humble, crediting consistency for his accomplishments.

“There is no way to reach any type of goal without some level of consistency,” he says. “They (clients) may feed off my consistency as they see my work ethic. I put clients first, and I don’t vary much on that. I make sure all my clients are taken care of. I would let other people say that I am successful. I really don’t trip on all that.”