Garth Brooks in KC 1

After being away for ten years, Garth Brooks returned to Kansas City to perform seven sold out shows at the Sprint Center on his world tour. When asked why Kansas city, Brooks response was “It feels like coming home, and ten years is way too long to be away.” Brooks is not only the top selling solo artist of the 20th century but the only artist to win Entertainer of the Year five times.

Garth’s love of Kansas City goes way beyond performing at the Sprint Center. Through his foundation, Teammates For Kids, Brooks announced that a grant was issued to Kansas City’s MLB Urban Youth Academy, which will fund a future press box for future generations to enjoy. When Brooks was asked where he gets his passion for helping the youth, he responded, “It comes from being a parent.  You have plenty of love in your heart and time on your watch, so stop and give them one-on-one attention. That is what this generation needs.”

Garth was asked if he were to title a song about Kansas city what would the song title be?  He responded, “It would be called, The Land of the Common Sense. With Kansas City, you don’t have to put on an air. This city is still based on handshakes.”

hile Brooks believes that Kansas City is the next big thing in the Midwest, he believes that it will continue to stay it’s sweet self that it is known for.