Goat Hill Coffee & Soda 9

coffee that embodies perfection

Kansas City is full of great dates spots, unique shopping, amazing restaurants and, thank goodness,  a plethora of coffee shops. Whether you are going downtown for a day at Crown Center or to meet friends for a bite out, a stop at Goat Hill Coffee & Soda is a must. Located in the Westside, local co-owners Tanner Stevens and Levi Holland have created a space that draws coffee connoisseurs of all ages and genre. This coffee duo began their partnership at Post Coffee in Lee’s Summit where they roast all of their beans, and the attention to detail and carefully crafted technique of roasting is evident upon first sip.  Their beans are used in several spots around the city, including McClain’s Bakery in Leawood.

“When it comes to roasting coffee, sourcing is the first key to having success. We source the majority of our beans from BodhiLeaf Coffee Traders in Orange, California, and also from Midwest Coffee Traders in Lenexa, Kansas,” Holland says. 
“The process of selecting the best green coffee allows us to have excellent roasted coffee. With each specific coffee, I roast many samples to determine the optimal profile for that particular bean, meaning, for example, with a natural Ethiopian, I want to nuance the blueberry characteristics, wand for a Sumatra, the earthy, spicy, chocolaty characteristics. Each coffee has a different density, different moisture content, and responds to the heat of the roasting process differently, so we set our profiles and then record them with computer software, which allows us to roast each specific coffee with consistency every time.”

They get green samples in from their importers, roast and cup, or taste, and evaluate them, then select the coffees that impress their palate most.

“We then can add our signature to the coffee by roasting the different beans in slightly nuanced ways that optimize the characteristics and flavors of each single origin bean. Then, that coffee makes its way to our bar, where we are pleased to serve you the best product we can,” he says, smiling.

The name Goat Hill has historical significance. Specifically, “goats” were supports of political bosses Joe and Tom Pendergast,  who once lived in this neighborhood. The pair wanted to brand their shop in a way that could truly belong to the neighborhood.

“We have always loved the Westside area and the local businesses that are doing such a great job with incredible products and services. The space was formerly occupied by Little Freshie. In efforts of supporting local ‘tradition,’ we are thrilled to continue offering Little Freshie syrups! Lindsay’s creations are incredible, and we will be rotating her staple and seasonal flavors,” Holland says. 
“The space was already amazing, but we did make a few practical renovations. We added an additional five bar seats, a hand-painted mural by Beth Laird and some custom bar pieces. Our desire is for it to be Westside’s coffee shop. Goat Hill is an extension of the Post Coffee family. It’s locally and family owned, and we will continue to seek ways of serving the neighborhood, offering excellent products and being a part of the betterment of Kansas City.”

They are expanding their menu, with an option called the Glencairn. This specific drink will continuously rotate through different recipes—everything from the coffee and tonic water to espresso and ginger beer. Though it will change throughout the year, it will continue to be served in the Glencairn glass it is named after.

These coffee guys are currently working with many like-minded people in the Kansas City area: Colony Espresso and Beer, Hammer Hand in Liberty and The W in Lee’s Summit. They are collaborating with a number of local offices and churches, as well as a couple of breweries.

“This year, we are excited to be offering nitro coffee in their bar sections and a different collaboration of coffee beers. We love working with people outside of the café setting and are looking forward to focusing on growing the wholesale side of our business,” Holland says.

Whether you find yourself in the Westside of Kansas City for first Fridays, shopping downtown or enjoying one of the many great eating establishments in that area, stop by Goathill for one of their signature drinks. The experience will impress upon you the importance of atmosphere and community and, most of all, the value of a cupful of goodness.