My Favorite Things 2

Michelle Davidson

Host of “Kansas City Live” on KSHB (NBC)

Top 3 items you can’t live without:

water, phone and dark chocolate
Favorite spots in KC:

The Plaza, Kauffman Performing Arts Center and The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
Favorite song:

You might see me driving down the street singing (badly) along to “Closer” – by The Chainsmokers, featuring Halsey

Favorite travel Destination:

My husband Rob and I try to visit Newport Beach, CA every year. This spring, it’s a girls trip to my favorite spot in southern California to celebrate a big milestone birthday… don’t ask which one!
Favorite guilty pleasure:

powdered sugar donuts… the ones you get at the gas station
Favorite meal:

Peppercorn Encrusted Filet in Brandy Cream Sauce w/ Au Gratin Potatoes at Piropos
Favorite beverage:

I drink lots of water. Favorite adult beverage is a lemon drop martini w/ extra sugar on the rim.
Favorite tech gadget:

After my kids picked most of the keys off my old laptop when they were toddlers, I’m obsessed with my new laptop to write my screenplays.
Fave sports team:

I will always be a MIZZOU fan. I was a Golden Girl, and no I don’t still have any of the uniforms.

Irrational fear: 

I have a fear of cutting my fingers off. I stay away from lawn mowers, garbage disposals and circular saws.
How would you spend your ideal day in Kansas City?

Morning workout at Pilates 1901, brunch at Beer Kitchen in Westport, shopping on the plaza, Sky Zone Trampoline Park with our kids Bradyn & Stella, frozen custard at Andy’s and a movie date night with my hubby.
What stores do you frequent?

Love the clothes and accessories at Standard Style
What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a kid, I wanted to be professional dancer and choreographer.
Any favorite beauty tips or products?

Several coats of mascara, eye brow pencil and a good primer

The Elders: Kian Byrne, Norm Dahlor, Ian Bryne

3 Things you can’t live without:

Norm: My kids, Cheese, and Music

Favorite Spot in KC:

Norm: River Market

Ian:  The Plaza; Brookside

Favorite song:

Kian: Stressin” by King Gizzard & 
The Lizard Wizard

Ian: Plaza

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Norm:A sunny Beach

Kian: Amsterdam

Ian: Ireland and Mexico

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:

Norm: Late Night Pizza

Kian: Scooters and Mopeds

Ian: Drinking Wine

Favorite Beverage:

Norm: Ian’s Margarita

Kian: Heineken

Favorite Sports Team:

Norm: KU Basketball

Ian: The Irish international Rugby Squad

Irrational Childhood Fear:

Norm: Shoestrings stuck in an escalator

Ian: Spiders in my boots

Kian: Tires being tossed over my head, while I’m sleeping

Kianna Alarid

Singer for  KC’s Alternative Rock Band, “Yes You Are”

Their song HGX was in the summer blockbuster movie Bad Moms

Top 3 items you can’t live without: 

My iPhone.

Puffball key chains.

My custom made Peggy Noland KC/Royals fanatic t shirt.

Favorite song:

Favorite song to dance to right now is WTF by Missy Elliott.

Favorite song to drive to right now is Starboy by The Weeknd.

Favorite song to clean to right now is Diane Young by Vampire Weekend.

Favorite song to workout to is anything by Michael Jackson.

Favorite travel destination:

I know its not exotic, but my favorite place to visit is my hometown, Omaha, Nebraska. Besides the fact that my wonderful family and friends live there, Omaha also has the best zoo, some of the best restaurants and the best thrift shopping in the country. Great local shopping too at places like Hello Holiday and True Blue Goods & Gifts. You can also get the most incredible workout of your life at Lotus House of Yoga (Aksarben Village), which offers life changing spin classes and luscious acai bowls and fresh juices for that post class bliss! I love Omaha and am so glad its just a few hours away!

Favorite guilty pleasure: 

Sooooooo many. My top three are jalapeño popcorn, lemon creme cookies and Ben and Jerry’s Karmal Sutra ice cream. Wait, is it weird that my guilty pleasures are all food related…

Favorite meal?

Oh food again, great! My favorite meal is most definitely my mom’s authentic New Mexican enchiladas. She is an incredible cook and her specialty is making the comforting dishes of New Mexico, where my family is from.

Favorite beverage:

Cherry Pepsi! I’m also kind of obsessed with those aloe vera drinks right now..

Fave sports team:

The Kansas City Royals, hands down. They changed my life! They made me see that probabilities don’t matter when you’ve got faith and heart. I gotta say that I love those chiefs too, though. Big time!

Strangest or funniest childhood (or current) irrational fear?

Well, I don’t have any irrational fears per se, but last year I almost drank a dead spider in my coffee because I chose a travel mug that had, apparently, not been used in a long time. So… now I definitely check my coffee mug every morning!

Do you collect anything?

I used to meticulously collect things for my wardrobe… Modern and vintage along with anything really unique, like even costume pieces that I could work into my ever changing look. My collection grew to outrageous proportions until it took a big bedroom to act as a closet. At this point I had a realization that I had to lt it go.. it had become bigger than me! So I held a free “sale” in my home at the time, and all my friends and acquaintances could stop over and hang out and chat while they “shopped” through my massive collection of goodies! It was extremely liberating although there are days when I remember a certain item that I wish I still had! So now, I still love to collect things for my wardrobe but I am much more picky instead of buying every single cool thing I come across. When I see something I want I ask myself, is this really special? Will I wear this more than once? The situation is much more under control now! 😉

How would you spend your ideal day in Kansas City?

An ideal day in KC has to start at Broadway Coffee. Coffee first am I right? After being sufficiently buzzed I’d work for a while at home, writing lyrics or melody ideas and also researching and studying whatever topic I’m obsessed with at the moment. I’d also spend time focusing on the next step in our vision with Yes You Are and consider how I can set that in motion today. For lunch I would head to Dos Reales in Shawnee and get their shrimp tacos with chips and guacamole before heading back to record ideas from earlier in the day. Sometime in the afternoon I would go to yoga and get a great workout for an hour and half, and if we are talking ideally, then I’d meet my friends at The Green Room in Westport after class to catch the Royals game that night! The Fiddler Fries are out of control! Music, friends, baseball, yoga and food! I love KC!

What stores do you frequent?

Boomerang for amazing kimonos, Savers for vintage faux fur and oversized t shirts, Peggy Noland Kansas City for the most brilliant fashion around period, Mills Records for great music and Judy’s wonderful company, Prides when I want to get lost in culinary and home decor heaven, Rally House for all my KC gear and Halls for when you just have to have the good stuff. 😉

Any favorite beauty tips or products?

My favorite beauty product right now is rose water. Its amazing for so many uses, from perfume to toner to even soothing a bug bite! And I know you have all heard it before but seriously, wash your face every night and make sure to wear moisturizer with SPF every day. Also, eating healthy and regular exercise does wonders for keeping your figure and complexion looking youthful!