Scott's Diamonds is a Johnson County Gem 1


 “We have generations of customers.”
Scott Wagner, Scott’s Diamond Designs

The goldsmith’s art and craft date back to the Middle Ages, when the prosperous looked for ways to refine their gold and create beautiful jewelry.

Scott’s Diamond Designs in Overland Park is owned by Scott Wagner, a goldsmith. Since 1982, Scott and his wife Monica have owned the jewelry store where they provide jewelry and gem solutions for Johnson County residents. Their daughter Tamara Wainscott joins them in the business.

“Our growth and success have come from word of mouth advertising,” said Tamara. “Customers know we sell top quality stones at fair prices.” The Wagner’s choose to stock only GIA diamonds, assuring their customers the best stones on the market. The GIA, Gemological Institute of America, is an independent organization recognized worldwide which protects customers buying gems and jewelry through research, education and laboratory services.

Fully half of Scott’s Diamond Design is dedicated to bridal and engagement sets. The Wagner’s see current trends of traditional diamond solitaires with crisscross bands. Many of today’s brides are selecting two-tone golds, combining rose and white or yellow/white creations. “When my fiancé Cole and I came into Scott’s Diamond Designs, we immediately felt at home,” said Sara Norris. “Scott treated us like family, and Cole really appreciated his expertise.”

The Wagner’s display dozens of designer jewelers, including Gabriel & Co. and Gelin Abaci. “Monica ordered in rings from several designers for me to try on,” said Sara. “The whole family helped me narrow my choices, and then Cole surprised me later with a ring I love!”


The store also offers colored gemstones, pearls and sterling. They specialize in modern jewelry, diamond earrings and pendants in every price range. “We’re seeing bangles and bracelets becoming popular,” said Tamara. “For younger women, we are selling pendants with rectangular shapes, and layering short and long necklaces is really popular now.”

A good deal of Scott’s service involves jewelry repair, which requires a knowledge of design, casting techniques, and valuation for precious stones and metals, including silver and platinum. An independent jeweler, Scott performs all work in his store, and he prides himself on a quick turnaround, a personal touch, and attention to detail.

“We have found that quality sells—resulting in generations of customers,” said Scott. “Our services include everything from re-sizing and repairs to commission pieces where we help a customer create a legacy piece.”

“My husband and I first met Scott 40 years ago when he was working as a jeweler in Mission,” said Sondra Gilmore. “He is the nicest, most respectable, honest person we have ever done business with.”

Women in the 40-60 age range make up Scott’s largest group of customers. “Many of our patrons are looking to re-design their wedding rings to an updated style,” said Tamara.

“My husband asked Scott to make a ring for me when we were newly married,” said Sondra. “Years later, he saw a cross that we bought in Europe and remade it using real gold. Scott can take any piece of jewelry and remake it into something more beautiful.”

“Then there are the young moms. Push gifts are big!” said Tamara. “Often a new father will come in and choose a small ring for the mother with the baby’s birthstone.” Scott’s Diamond Designs also carries the designer POSH Mommy line, ideal for the new family.

From today’s fashion trends to heirloom settings, Scott’s Diamond Designs encompasses it all. Many of the tools Scott uses are like those from centuries ago. His artistic eye and the tools of the trade result in intricate, unique designs.

“He is the best. I guarantee it!” said Sondra.

This family business is open five days a week; closed Sunday and Tuesday. Scott’s Diamond Designs is located at 10510 W. 103rd Street.