Angi Hockett

PVC Holiday Wreath

Supplies needed: (insert image 1 or 2 depending on horizontal or vertical)

-PVC Pipe in assorted sizes. In this wreath I used varying sizes from 1/2 inch to 4 inches in diameter.

-Clear PVC cement

-Spray paint of your color choice

1.(insert image 3) Cut all your PVC into 4 inch sections.  This can be done with a chop saw or hack saw.  Any hardware store can also cut these pipes.   The most important part when cutting is to make sure all the cuts are straight and level.

2.(insert image 4) Arrange the pieces around a circular object such as a saucer, tape roll, or small paint can.  The pieces should be placed in a random but circular pattern.

3.(insert image 5) In a well ventilated area fasten all pipes together using the PVC cement.  Make sure to squeeze each section for a few seconds to ensure a good bond.  Let the wreath dry completely before trying to move it.

4.(insert image 6) Spray paint all sides and angles then let dry.  Add ornaments of your choice to a few random pipes.

You can display your new wreath several different ways.  Leaning it on the fireplace mantel amongst a bit of greenery would be festive.  It can be hung on a wall by using a long screw preferably into a stud, then simply hooking a pipe section on the screw.  If you are wanting to hang your wreath on the front door hanger you will need to drill a small hole in a pipe on each side, then loop a 14 inch strip of twine or rope through the drilled hold and tie a knot.

However you choose to display this wreath it is sure to be a conversation piece and you can be proud it was created all by YOU!

Merry Christmas!