Meet the Makers: Brendan & Amanda O'Shaughnessy 16

Ocean and Sea

Ocean & Sea was established in 2013 by creative duo Brendan & Amanda O’Shaughnessy with a simple yet daunting task, to dream again. They sail around the city and across the country selling crafted goods on a landlocked Sailboat in the shape of their iconic logo which acts as their mobile pop up shop. The Sailboat was built by their devoted followers in the form of a crowdfunding campaign which resulted in the construction and completion of a whimsical day dream realized.

The lifestyle clothing brand was birthed from a passion to reignite their love of design and illustration, which is why they chose to begin the company without product, instead they focused their attention on what mattered the most, the art. Through a daily creative project calledThe Daydreams Project, they utilized this public process as a way to organically grow their vision and social media following. Products soon followed from their experiments growing into what is now a full lifestyle brand, which they hope to continue growing nationally and globally.

Brendan pulls from his childhood of living out nautically inspired summers on Lake Michigan that would later aid with Ocean & Sea (which is a homonym of their last name, O’Shaughnessy). The couple proudly calls Kansas City home and refer it as the Port of the Plains. The heartland was a strategic concept in creating their popular LA KC NY design, which summarizes them neatly. Not only does it declare their pride and love of the city but it simultaneously establishes KC on the same level playing field with the largest ports of the coasts.

Ocean & Sea products are sold online ( and at various retailers across Kansas City, including Made In KC, Westside Storey and the Bunker (full listing displayed on their site). You can follow them on Instagram and most other social media at @OceanAndSea. Join Ocean & Sea as they continue to dream again and help inspire others to take the brave leap into the unknown.