Meet the Maker: Raelyn Koop 10

Bramble and Buck

Promoting wise stewardship of facial hair, Bramble & Buck is Kansas City’s favorite organic men’s shave cream.  In 2015, resident Raelyn Koop partnered with Local Pig, a charcuterie that specializes in regionally-sourced meats, to create a shaving cream using the organic beef fat from their products.  After many late nights, the recipe was perfected and off to the races they’ve been ever since.  The use of fat-based soaps is an old-fashioned practice in wet shaving as  is has anti-inflammatory qualities that leave behind a softer, closer shave with less irritation and bumps.

Packaged in a five-ounce twist-top tin, the self-lathering technique helps a little to go a long way.  One Bramble & Buck tin provides over 115 shaves because, let’s face it, shopping for grooming products is not a man’s main concern. Available in Malted Honeycomb and Unscented Original.  Bramble & Buck can be found at Local Pig and Urban Provisions.  Visit the product’s website for other vendors: