Red Crow Brewery 2

The idea for Red Crow Brewing Company was born around 2010 after Chris and Mistie Roberts were sharing beer Chris had brewed with Mistie’s parents, Joe and Loretta Fisher. After a few drinks, the idea of opening a brewery seemed brilliant and like an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. Between the Roberts’ family growing and the discussion of a couple of other partners, it took a few years to get all of the initial details worked out, but once they did, the ball was rolling, and things began to fall into place. Chris has been brewing since 2008, and he is the head brewer for Red Crow Brewing Company. He has won several awards for his Belgian Blonde (Isabelle) and Rye Porter (Elaine) between festivals and competitions.  Everyone has their part they play to keep the brewery running.

All our beers are named after influential women in our life, whether that be a family member, a teacher or a great friend. We like to match the lady with the style of beer!  Everyone has their favorite lady, and it is fun to see who our new customers pick as theirs!

Red Crow has a beautiful outdoor space and an inviting taproom environment that we hope creates a fun place for those new to craft beer, and those that have been enjoying it for years, can come together and have a good discussion about great craft beer!

You can visit RedCrow at 20561 South Lone Elm Road, Spring Hill, KS