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Harry S. Campbell, CEO of Durrie Vision and author of Get-Real Leadership, just finished his second book called Get-Real Culture: A Practical Approach to Creating a Wildly Successful Workplace, and it goes on sale this week.  Get-Real Culture focuses on the culture, or in other words, the character and personality of the workplace, and he claims “no company can be successful without good culture; it’s simply not sustainable in the long run.” He says the culture of an organization is important because it starts with good people, and that a world-class business should always start with an excellent team. Mr. Campbell speaks from experience, where he has been known as the “fixer.” He has found that by capitalizing on great people, he has been able to come up with solutions to issues in the workplace. While in this role, he found that many times the people were not the problem in a company; instead it was the processes in place that were no longer valid; this caused people to be at odds with one another, thus affecting the culture of the workplace.  He compares this to having “sand in the gears”, and these odds have a cumulative effect on the organization.  Mr. Campbell also likes to focus on clarity and consistency in all his dealings with teams.  He says this is more practical than having complicated procedures and compensation packages where the team is unsure of bonuses and wages. For more insight on how to improve the culture 
of a workplace, you will want to read his new book.

100 percent of gross profits from Get-Real Culture and keynote speeches will go to Head for the Cure Foundation (HFTC) which benefits brain cancer research by raising awareness and funding. Mr. Campbell was able to raise more than $200,000 for HFTC with his first book and approximately 100 leadership speeches.  Mr. Campbell’s wife, Kris, a brain cancer survivor, is also a fundraiser for HFTC, and its 5K Run & Walk events have grown to 20 cities.  “Team Kris Campbell” raised more than $34,000 in 2015 and more than $300,000 since their first HFTC 5K in 2004.  Combined with the money raised from Get-Real Leadership, the Campbell family has raised more than $500,000 for the HFTC Foundation.   The next HFTC in this area is August 28, 2016 at Corporate Woods in Overland Park. Go to http://www.headforthecure.org/foundation/events for more information on this event.