Introducing Chris Duh 2

Amazing Breeze

Local national artist, Chris Duh’s striking and whimsical “Amusing Breeze” sculpture, has been installed in So Ko Par Trails Park on 87th Street and Lackman in Lenexa.  The 25-foot-high steel and glass mosaic tile sculpture includes components that move in the breezes.

Duh describes himself as a dad, artist, and photographer, who loves jumping off the beaten path by exploring the woods on his mountain bike and the snowy mountains with a snowboard.  His favorite evenings are spent with his wife and children.  He loves creating.  His days are filled with looking at the world with curiosity and tapping into his imagination.  “I see everything as a potential creative tool, ready to be expressed in a new way,” says Duh.

In the past 26 years, he’s been the sole designer of Kansas City’s Kaleidoscope, the interactive fun art studio provided for children by Hallmark Cards.   Some of his other favorite projects he’s created are the six large glass mosaic birds flying in Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Hospital lobby, and the art for several national Ronald McDonald Houses, including the three in Kansas City.  He also runs his own business, Chris Duh Creative, an experienced team of artists, writers and engineers whose projects are imaginative and meaningful.

Duh states, “Although I love all types of design projects, my passion is in witnessing the joy, laughter and play that children bring to spaces that allow them to explore their own creativity.”

“Amusing Breeze” is a unique child-(and adult young-at-heart) friendly sculpture that complements its wooded, family park setting.

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