The Generous Hearts of The Rob Ellerman Team Make Anyone Feel Right at Home 6

The late Anne Frank once noted, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” The Rob Ellerman Team with Reece Nichols has embraced that statement tenfold and through its accomplishments in giving, great success has been realized. However, success for this team does not just equate to its bottom line or the countless awards that adorn walls. This team’s success means it can generate more opportunities to give back to the communities they compassionately serve.

It’s no secret that The Rob Ellerman Team, established 14 years ago and headquartered in Lee’s Summit, is Kansas City’s premier real estate group, serving metro Kansas City and surrounding areas. Whether buying or selling a home, this experienced group of 62 real estate agents can help you successfully navigate the process by providing the right tools, education, guidance and resources. These dedicated professionals will assist you in selling your home quickly and for the right price and can also help you through the home buying process. Because of Ellerman’s drive for finding new and innovative ways to serve clients, builders and the team itself, this group has become one of the fastest growing real estate teams, and in 2014 realized $155.3 million in sales and 628 homes sold, moving up from #29 to #24 in the country, according to the Wall Street Journal. The team is the #1 team in Missouri and #2 throughout the metro area for the fourth year in a row, closing out last year with $194.3 million in sales and 792 homes sold and as of the end of March, had $89.2 million in sales and 301 homes.

As this team continues to grow throughout Kansas City, expanding to more than 30 new home communities as the new home market continues to gain velocity, they are also putting the forces in motion to move into other markets, including Destin, Florida and Los Angeles, California. However, their hearts belong to this city they call home, and to that end, the team has combined its efforts in numerous charitable endeavors, bringing people together to share their voice and work simultaneously for a greater impact in driving change.

“We’re like-minded people,” emphasizes Denise Sanker, lead listing agent in the resale market. “Rob is all about putting people first. When we are working with clients, we always want to know and understand what the client wants first. We put our focus there. When we help them reach their goals, that is where our success comes. Rob is always giving in nature, making sure this team stays focused on community first, and that feeling of community expands with each person we add to the team.”

Among the numerous local organizations to which this team contributes includes the YMCA Challenger Sports Complex, First Downs for Down Syndrome, The Down Syndrome Guild, Marian Hope, Special Olympics and Camp Barnabas. Additionally, the team has partnered with local builder Summit Custom Homes to help raise more than $900,000 for the St. Jude Children’s Hospital each year, not only through the support of the St. Jude’s Dream Home, but through many charity events specifically set up for this cause, including annual golf tournament and poker tournaments.

Additionally, the team has donated funds to help with the pool renovations at the Boys and Girls Club and as donated nearly $100,000 to the Drumm Farm in the last two years and has also granted scholarships to high school seniors through the Rob Ellerman Team Scholarship Fund, designed to advance the academic achievement of local students.

“Rob and his wife Erin are huge supporters of the children in our communities, as is the rest of the Ellerman Team Family,” says Sanker. “This year we just passed our 10th anniversary of fund raising for the YMCA Challenger Sports Complex. As one of our larger endeavors, this year’s Cheers for Challenger event raised $61,000.

Through this group’s continuous and selfless acts of kindness, it has shown that when one person gives, two people receive. The real bottom line for this team cannot be read on a piece of paper. It can only be felt in one’s heart.

“It’s always been about what we can do to help the people here, even through the smaller donations, such as sponsoring little league teams,” says Sanker.

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