The Art of Noelle Stoffel 1

Everyday objects and nature looked at through new light, move me to produce something new. Inspiration can hit me at any moment. I can be walking down the street and see a puddle of water with the way the light bounces off it, and suddenly and I want grab a canvas and create my interpretation of what I see. I want others to experience the beauty of what I see, and experience the moment I’ve captured. I am drawn to water, especially when traveling, metals, old wooden doors, weathered materials and surfaces and beautiful sunsets. I observe hidden places that people might pass by without a thought. Sometimes the way a brightly colored dress in a crowd of muted grays, or simply gazing up at the clouds in the sky, inspires to me. I want to create of moment of wonder, intrigue and hope.

I began taking art classes at a young age and created art with my father in collaborative classes. I took private art classes through college and attended a high school that specialized in the arts. I went on to attend and graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute and worked for Hallmark Cards as a designer. I currently do showing in galleries, commission work and teach.

Teaching art is very rewarding and inspiring to me, as well as watching my children create, play and absorb the wonders of the world.

Currently, the Leawood Gallery of Fine Art and Leedy-Voulkos Art Center show and represent my art. My specialty items can also be found at the new home decor store, Spruce, in Leawood. See more at