Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria 2

In the world of pizza, Grimaldi’s is an institution

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that there’s the pizza you tolerate and there’s pizza that you’re willing to wait 45 minutes or more just to sit down so you can order.

As I approach my 50th year, I’m beginning to think that life may be too short to eat the kind of pizza that shows up at our door in less than 30 minutes or that has a total of six slices of mushrooms when you’ve paid for them to be an added topping.

If the pizza crust isn’t thin and crispy, or made with such a flavor filled deep dish crust that I don’t want to leave a crumb on my plate, then maybe I should just say no thank you.

This will never be the problem at the brand new Grimaldi’s at Prairefire in Overland Park. If you’ve vacationed or previously lived in Denver, Phoenix, Dallas or Houston, you are probably familiar with this New York institution of pizza. Maybe you too have been hoping they’d eventually make their way to our corner of the Midwest. 
Well glory day, they have! They opened just in time for the New Year and we’re so glad they did.

They offer a personal pizza size in case you want to keep your pizza to yourself, or small and large pizzas for those who are willing to share with the rest of the table. More than two dozen toppings can be added to the make-your-own version, or you an order one of several specialty pizzas where the combination of toppings is chef approved and have clearly stood the test of time. Did I mention that they’ve been in the pizza business for more than 100 years?

If your mother raised you believing that pizza and a salad made for a well-balanced dinner, then you are in luck. Salads with meat add ons are more varied than the traditional Caesar and house salads offered at most pizzerias. And salads are offered in two sizes so you can make it your meal or plan to have it as an accompaniment to your pizza, which is clearly the wiser choice.

Carry out is always an option, so add their phone number to your contacts list and don’t settle for pizza mediocrity again.