A Taste 
of Johnson County.

Is it my imagination, or do we have an exceptional number of amazing restaurants within the boundaries of Johnson County?

I offer as proof the fact that two Harrison family favorites recently opened (or are getting ready to open any day now….) at Camelot Court. Since this 119th Street shopping center is one I frequent often, and my younger son happens to work part-time at a casual café at this food-filled corner, maybe this is why my mind is focused on the construction of new eateries and “Coming Soon” signs.

In fact, I think I could dine out every night for a month at the four-corner retail kingdom that is 119th & Roe and never have to double up on restaurants. (Red Door Grill, Corner Bakery Cafe, The Mixx, Bravo, Let’s Crepe, Pie Five, Mr. Gyros, Joe’s KC, La Bodega, North, Sullivan’s, Chipotle, Panera, Bristol… An incomplete list, for sure, but do you see what I mean?) While the metro area celebrated Restaurant Week last month, maybe it is time to consider a Johnson County Restaurant Week. Just a thought.

When our family travels to Camp Scottsdale, the affectionate name we’ve given my sister and brother-in-law’s home in Arizona, no visit is compete without a couple of large pepperoni pizzas from Grimaldi’s. And NOW WE HAVE OUR OWN! (Forgive the shouty caps, but this is really terrific news for this pizza-loving, Chicago-born editor.) I’ll be visiting Prairie Fire on a more regular basis thanks to this addition and I encourage you all to stop right now and join their online birthday club. A free large birthday pizza is a very generous gift. Thank you in advance, Mr. and Mrs. Grimaldi. I’ll be enjoying my thin-crusted birthday treat during the first week of June. Only 120 days away, but who’s counting?

Happy dining, friends, and I’ll see you around town!