Meet Reece and Ebony 1

Say hello to Reece and Ebony, two of Great Plains SPCA’s long-termers who have been waiting for their perfect match. Whether you’re a cat connoisseur or a doggie devotee, these two pets are natural charmers, ready to woo you with woofs, purrs and all the hospitality you could ever need. These darlings are ready to steal some hearts after their stays in the Merriam and Independence campuses.

Ebony is a dapper fellow who proves that the bigger the tummy, the more opportunity for belly rubs. With his striking green eyes, black coat and trademark ties, Ebony is a sophisticated gentleman but as carefree as a summer breeze and he’ll greet you the minute you enter the room. As a handsome 4 year old who’s been at the Merriam shelter since February 2014, Ebony is a pro, snuggling and head-butting our guests without fear. He’s far from shy, making him the standout socialite at the shelter.

One look into those brown eyes, and we promise you won’t be able to resist 2-year-old Reece’s spell. He may seem young, but this bundle of love is already wise beyond his years. He’s a bold and beautiful big guy, poised to impress you with his people skills. With his contagious exuberance, he’s ready to accompany you on all your adventures – “Road Tripper’” is his middle name. Like his kitty counterpart, Reece prefers to have his humans all to himself (being an only child has its perks), but he would be willing to share if he met the right pooch. He’s been at the shelter since August 2014. Come visit him in Independence for smooches and cuteness.

The long-termers are some of the sweetest, smartest and most lovable pets at Great Plains SPCA; after all, they’ve received ample nurturing and support from volunteers and staff, and are ready for their chance in the spotlight. These are just two of more than 700 pets available for adoption, so come see these beautiful boys and many others! Learn more at