Steve Loe: Teacher, Principal and New Author 1

Overland Park has a new author: Steven Loe, principal at Shawnee Mission West High School, has just seen his first book published. The Glimpsing Book, published by Royal Fireworks Press, is the story of three preteen students who get caught up in an adventure which connects a new librarian at their school, historical photographs collected from all over the world, and a mysterious volunteer in the Library of Congress. These seemingly unrelated pieces come together around a magical book that changes as its reader grows and faces life’s challenges (or backs away from them).

Henrietta and TP work to save the school library when it looks like all of the books will be replaced by computers. Henrietta finds comfort from the loss of her mom within the pages of the fiction section and both find they can escape difficult situations at home by hiding out in the various nooks and crannies of the library. Sebastian, a formerly homeschooled student who has traveled the world finding pictures of famous people who appear to be connected in some way, convinces his parents to enroll him in the same school as Henrietta and TP in order to solve the riddle of the book. All three students persevere through circumstances which test their talents, their gifts and their family relationships in order to solve the mystery of The Glimpsing Book. 

Loe knows about perseverance. While working on The Glimpsing Book, he was also busy as a building administrator for several Shawnee Mission district schools as a husband and as the father of four children. He worked on countless rewrites and faced numerous rejection letters before signing with Royal Press. Loe credits his new success as a writer to his learning experience at the University of Kansas where he received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in secondary education. Drs. John Bushman and Susie Swift helped with early drafts of his work, and he is thankful to acliaimed young adult fiction author Lois Ruby for her input and advice regarding The Glimpsing Book.

Growing up, Loe loved stories. His favorites were mysteries such as The Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown. He also enjoyed Matt Christopher books and The Outsiders. After college Loe began working in the Shawnee Mission district. Beginning as a language arts teacher at Westridge Middle School, Loe then moved on to teach at Shawnee Mission West, was associate principal at Shawnee Mission East, principal at  Commanche Elementary and is now back at West as principal. Loe enjoys working with kids and youth and has even created some of the characters in his books inspired by events from his schools and characteristics of some of his students.

Loe loves working in the public school system and is excited to be starting a new adventure as a writer. However, he is most passionate about his family. Tracey, his wife, encourages him to write and pursue his new dream; his children, Maddie, Kenzie, Mitch and Macie, are active in school and sports, and keep him busy. Loe is working on another book and hopes to eventually write a sequel to The Glimpsing Book.  His life journey as reader, teacher, school administrator and now author has led to a new book he hopes appeals to readers of all ages.