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Olathe Blogger is Growing Her Online Audience

JCL: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
LF: I’m a wife and mother of two daughters, ages 11 and 13. I work as a freelance writer and editor from home because I love the flexibility it gives me. I spend a lot of my time at the hockey rink and soccer field watching my girls play and practice. In my free time, I write curriculum and help lead the moms’ group at Westside Family Church.

JCL: When did you start blogging?
LF: In May of 2011.

JCL: Why did you start blogging?
LF: I had taught a Bible study about teaching your kids about God in the everyday moments of life, and I started the blog as an extension of that study.

JCL: Who is the target audience for your blog?
LF: Moms of kids of any age who are looking for encouragement to find the meaningful moments in the stress of everyday life.

JCL: How often do you blog?
LF: I used to blog every day, but in the season of life I’m in right now, I aim for a couple of times a week.

JCL: Where do you get the inspiration for your posts?
LF: Inspiration for my posts comes from our life. Raising kids is an adventure, and I like to share both the successes and the failures I have as a parent trying to raise kids who are independent, love God and who will make a difference in the world.

JCL: How many readers does your blog have?
LF: I have about 600 people on my email list and about 2000 followers on my blog Facebook page.

JCL: What’s been the most popular/viewed post on your blog to date?
LF: The most viewed in a single day would be a post I wrote in February called “Refuse to Let Evil Win” about dealing with our fear in the face of a child abduction.

The most viewed ever is a post I wrote a couple years ago called “A Message to My Daughters” about all the things I want them to know even when the world is telling them something different.

JCL: What’s your favorite local restaurant/family attraction?
LF: For restaurants, our family loves Five Guys. My personal favorite local attraction is the World War I Museum. It’s a treasure trove of a period of history that is fast being forgotten. I think every family should visit it.

JCL: What else do you want us to know?
LF: I have written an e-book called Everyday Christmas, which is a devotional that includes practical ways to put the focus on Jesus during the busiest season of the year. I also have a new book, Everyday Truth, that was just published this spring.

I love to write. I teach writing two days a week at a homeschool enrichment program in Gardner. Learning to write well is something that will help you no matter what profession you choose.

I think being a mom is the single most important job I will ever have in my life.

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